Somewhere in the middle of this old town,

A little girl was falling down.

She hit the curb & ripped her knee

Oozing blood for all to see

But no tear did fall from her dry eyes.

She was too buried in her disguise

of someone else she only wished she was

A some one for whom the town did buzz.

A town where everyone would say, “Hello.”

With a smile to her, then away they’d go

A place where being happy was always the case

And no one in a hurry to win any race.

She always sang a cheerful tune

In sunshine or under the moon.

Yes, life sure was wonderful in her head.

Too bad the blood loss caused her dead.

“What a nightmare that was,” she said.

As she winced at her cut and began to shed

a tear; A happy cry, she did exclaim!

Blaming all her sillyness on her brain.

“Such a fantastic day, a fantastic being.

I cannot believe what I’m seeing.”

The light, it seems to have caught my eye.

I am happy, and I don’t care why.”